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 Kathy is a fully qualified teacher,  behaviour management consultant and trainer. She has a BEd (Hons) and an Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour Management and is a full member of the Academy of Dog Training and Behaviour. Kathy is a certified, level 3 Pro-Dog Trainer and uses concept training through games to shape and train happy dogs. Kathy also has full membership of the International Society of Animal Professionals and The Pet Professional Guild.

She lives in Gullane on the East Coast of Scotland with her husband Joe and Border Collie Blue.


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We can offer support with a new puppy, a rescue dog, behaviour issues, training classes and shaping work. 

We can also offer 1 2 1 support for a range of issues including information and help before you actually adopt a dog/puppy. 

Kathy's K9 Solutions

EH31 2DQ, Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom

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Meet the Team




Katie moved to East Lothian four years ago. Katie loves to whip up a storm in the kitchen and is talented baker and cook.  Katie and her husband always wanted to have a dog and took the plunge in autumn 2018, welcoming the gorgeous Lola into their lives.  Wanting to give Lola the best start in life Katie brought Lola along to Kathy's loose lead and master classes. Katie showed clear dedication to getting it right for Lola and as a result was asked to join the training team. 

Katie's role is to provide encouragement and support not only to the pups and dogs in the classes, but also to the owners!

"I've learned so much from Kathy and the rest of the team about reward based training.  I was utterly confused at first and genuinely had no idea about how to train Lola.  Kathy and her team taught me so much, not only about what to do but also why.  This has been incredibly helpful to me as I learn by doing, but  I also like to get some context as well.  I really was delighted to be asked to join the crew and I am loving meeting the various owners and dogs."

Katie's learned that dogs have individual personalities, skills and interests - and that to have the privilege of owning one (or more!) is a lot of fun, with the occasional hilarious moment of utter madness!




Kathryn is the manager of a pet care franchise and the owner of the sleek black beauty known as Juno.  Kathryn grew up with a family of collies, but always longed for a dog she could call her own. One day whilst scrolling through a rescue website she spotted a sad little pot bellied mongrel puppy, looking for a new home.  Kathryn knew the minute she clapped eyes on the pup that the wee pot bellied girl was meant to be her sidekick and best pal.

With a shiny new name (Juno) and lots of enthusiasm for positive reward based training Juno and Kathryn set off on their journey together. A year down the line and after a few hair raising moments involving deer, foxes, squirrels and bird chasing incidents Kathryn decided it was time to rethink Juno’s training and call in an expert, enter Kathy’s K9 Solutions! Juno and Kathryn went to Kathy’s three week Loose Lead and Recall course. Attending every class and doing their homework religiously Kathryn saw a huge improvement in her relationship with Juno and in turn, in Juno’s behaviour too.

Kathryn enjoyed the classes so much and the positive changes in her and Juno’s bond she wished to learn more and asked to volunteer her time assisting in Kathy’s puppy classes and diamond classes.  Kathryn and Juno continue to develop and flourish as a duo, attending master classes to further develop their understanding of each other. Kathryn notes that her and Juno have learned so much over the year they have worked with Kathy, and that she loves spending time gaining more knowledge about herself as a trainer as well as learning about the intricate world of dogs.




Laura is an Art Therapist and Illustrator and the owner of the loveable lug called Sil. Sil is a Spanish rescue dog and was found wandering in the forest in Spain alone with his two sisters at just 2 months old. Laura has had two recuse dogs prior to Sil, but as Sil had no training and is a complex dog Laura thought it best to come to KathysK9 solutions for guidance. That’s where Laura’s journey began with the team. 11 months down the line Laura helps out at the classes, being able to share her story about Sil and hopes to reassure other guardians that it all comes with time, patience, care and love.  

“Reward based training has been such a valuable tool and a great way to learn more about Sil and the way he thinks and interacts with the world around him. We always train at Sil’s pace and this has allowed him to build confidence in so many areas which were once full of fear“ 

Laura understands that it can be hard at times and notes to herself regularly to not compare Sil to other dogs, as he is an individual and just a bundle of goofiness at times. Laura believes that you and your dog found each other and as corny as it may sound, Laura rescued Sil but she believes he rescued her in so many ways.